People Experience

How do your people experience working with you?

Building a People Experience that is not only effective, but also engages people and enables them to bring their whole magnificent selves to work is the job of every part of the HR team - and the business. Our experience in improving the people experience across the whole lifecycle of work means we can focus just where your biggest impact needs to be, or work holistically across the whole piece.



Does your talent strategy work for both humans and your business? Are your people development plans aligned to business strategy and exciting your people? Can talent thrive in your organisation?

If you’d like talent to feel like talent rather than a sausage in a factory, call us.

People Services

How are your core HR services working for your people at every step of the employee lifecycle? Do they reflect the values espoused by your employer branding? Are they easy and engaging?

If your people operations ways of working could do with a bit of polish, we can help.



Making change stick is about making change work for people.

It doesn’t matter how well a project is run, if it isn’t designed with and for the people involved it won’t be effective.

We can help. We design change strategies that work for people.

True-life Talent Stories…


The Scene:

A rapid growth SME. A creative business. Founded on the passion & drive of one person, now reliant on the talents of many new leaders to succeed.

Act 1:

Define the culture and values that have made the business successful, and work with the team to agree which ones will drive future success.

Develop talent acquisition processes that align to these values - from early talent to experienced hires. Equip managers to bring talent in effectively and efficiently.

Act 2:

Develop a leadership programme that brings the values to life, gives managers every opportunity to rehearse and perform those values day to day. Equip managers with the skills and tools to lead in line with the ambitions of the business day in, day out.


“An incredible leadership course”

“fantastic initiatives which make it the place it is today”


True Life People Services Stories


The Scene:

A lightning-paced business that had grown faster than it’s People Services teams could keep up. Ways of working and tools that needed rapid resuscitation. People in the business who felt HR was hard to deal with and rely on. A day to day people experience that didn’t reflect the brand and ambitions of the organisation.

Act 1:

Stablise. Focus on the basics - efficient processes, information held safely and accurately, legal responsibilities met. Hire in new talent and ensure existing key players are in the right role.

Listen to the business, ask what they need. Build bridges.

Act 2:

Perform. New processes, new tools. Build out a team of specialists focused on delivering seamless excellent employee experience - from job advert to retirement. Create a ‘one team’ environment so that the employee experience is seamless. Get them out into the business to build empathy and credibility with their customers.


Reduced costs. Faster response times. Better quality support. Increased trust in People Services. Talent from People Services promoted into the wider team. Happy employees.


True Life Change Stories


The Scene:

Post-acquisition, four global enterprise organisations with distinct cultures and ways of working came together to operate as one. Multiple tools, processes, cultures and operating models needed to be unified. The 90,000 employees of the business across 32 countries needed to come on the journey.

Act 1:

Partner leadership to define the future state - including the areas that were still to be defined. Flush out misalignment and create a single clear vision of the ‘To Be’ state that all levels of the business could understand and buy into.

Work with local leaders and employees on the ground to understand the gap between ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’.

Act 2:

Create networks, learning, communication strategies and support infrastructure to enable every employee to move through the key stages of change, from awareness and understanding to performing in the new world. Work with leaders to ensure the future state is built to enable employees to thrive.


“Lorna facilitated and managed cross-cultural teams to achieve huge changes in very demanding timescales”

“She’s able to translate business and organisational priorities into clear people impacts and develop creative strategies to address them.”