You can start late, look different, be uncertain. And still succeed.
— Misty Copeland

Ready for the spotlight?

Even Star Performers need someone in their corner.

Perhaps you are on the cusp of change - a new challenge, new strategy, new role. You may want a fresh perspective to tackle something that’s eluded you so far. Maybe you have stage-fright when it comes to presenting, leading or stepping up to perform.

Working with a little tent Coach will challenge you. Change doesn’t happen in your comfort zone. We use a variety of ways of working - from a safe space to explore your thoughts to adding insight and testing assumptions. Perhaps vocal coaching or physical presence work.

We will stretch you. To be creative, to be courageous, to look for deeper connection.

Together, we will make a difference to your performance.


A Different Leadership Development Proposition.


if the world ran the way a crew runs a set, we’d have a better more progressive world

Steven Spielberg

Fourth Wall (2).png

Are you ready to break the Fourth Wall?

Chances are you’ve got to where you are because you know your stuff.

What separates good leaders from truly great leaders are those who inspire creativity, who have the courage to lead from a place of vulnerability and trust, who create teams of connected humans.

We believe that better workplaces are created by leaders who strive to really connect with their teams. Leaders who have the courage to be vulnerable. Leaders who create a version of leadership that is honest, authentic and not identikit,

Being an inspirational leader takes courage. It requires you to know yourself, to have conviction in the talent of your team, and to understand how to create relationships founded on trust and respect.

Fourth Wall is a leadership programme designed to build the kind of leaders that build better business.

I have learnt so much in my leadership and management skills, all thanks to Lorna’s guidance and input in to my development as an individual
— Creative Executive